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Serving His Patients

Matt has been an attending physician at the Tucson Medical Center since 2003. There, he treats patients with a range of diagnoses from heart attacks, and head trauma, to chronic conditions like diabetes, PTSD and cancer.

Serving Southern Arizona

Elected to the Arizona State House in 2008, Matt served two terms and was chosen by his Democratic colleagues to serve as caucus whip. In the House, he focused on seniors, veterans, and healthcare issues, working across the aisle to write and pass key legislation including:

He wrote a bill to make all medical complaints and patient safety information a public record, and broke the partisan gridlock in Phoenix to get it passed (Arizona H.B. 2520 (2011); Arizona H.B. 2545 (2010)

He stood up for our injured veterans so their benefits can never be seized by collectors. Arizona H.B. 2348 (2010)

He helped secure health care for seniors who need it most by ensuring access to hospice care in a time of drastic cuts. Arizona H.B 2099 (2011)

Serving His Nation

From June of 2013 to March of 2015, Matt served as Director for Provider Outreach in the Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. At HHS, Matt helped coordinate federal response to the Ebola virus and worked closely with healthcare providers implementing the Affordable Care Act.


Pima County Supervisor, District 2

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